[GIT PULL] tpmdd fixes for Linux 4.5

From: Jarkko Sakkinen
Date: Tue Jan 19 2016 - 18:39:18 EST

Hi James,

This pull request contains three small cleanups, a bug fix for policy
based sealing, a bug fix for attach/detach of the platform device for
tpm_tis and resource locking for tpm_tis and tpm_crb.


The following changes since commit 607259e17b37017e9ec0249a8b0a7d8b76b572aa:

Merge branch 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/zohar/linux-integrity into ra-next (2016-01-10 21:52:17 +1100)

are available in the git repository at:

https://github.com/jsakkine/linux-tpmdd.git tags/tpmdd-next-20160120

for you to fetch changes up to bb76f9ba498881ed57444fa2a7b5aafd66c207ba:

tpm_crb: Use devm_ioremap_resource (2016-01-20 01:28:51 +0200)

tpmdd fixes for Linux 4.5

Jarkko Sakkinen (1):
tpm: fix checks for policy digest existence in tpm2_seal_trusted()

Jason Gunthorpe (7):
tpm_crb: Use the common ACPI definition of struct acpi_tpm2
tpm_tis: Disable interrupt auto probing on a per-device basis
tpm_tis: Do not fall back to a hardcoded address for TPM2
tpm_tis: Use devm_ioremap_resource
tpm_tis: Clean up the force=1 module parameter
tpm_crb: Drop le32_to_cpu(ioread32(..))
tpm_crb: Use devm_ioremap_resource

Jerry Snitselaar (1):
tpm: remove unneeded include of actbl2.h

drivers/char/tpm/tpm.h | 7 --
drivers/char/tpm/tpm2-cmd.c | 12 +--
drivers/char/tpm/tpm_crb.c | 194 ++++++++++++++++++++-------------
drivers/char/tpm/tpm_tis.c | 255 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
include/keys/trusted-type.h | 2 +-
security/keys/trusted.c | 11 +-
6 files changed, 272 insertions(+), 209 deletions(-)