[BUG] base: isa: ISA bus functionality not compiled for X86_64 architecture

From: William Breathitt Gray
Date: Wed Jan 20 2016 - 09:00:18 EST


I'm developing drivers for devices accessible over a PC/104 bus (a bus
specification derived from ISA). Up until now I've used the
platform_driver structure in my drivers, but I believe it would be more
appropriate to use the isa_driver structure located in the
include/linux/isa.h file.

I discovered that the relevant ISA bus functions located in the
drivers/base/isa.c file are conditionally compiled based on the
CONFIG_ISA option declared in the arch/x86/Kconfig file. Unfortunately,
the CONFIG_ISA option can only be set to Y if the CONFIG_X86_32 option
is set to Y; I'm running a 64-bit X86 processor, so I naturally have
CONFIG_X86_32 set to N.

Would it be proper to remove the CONFIG_X86_32 dependency from the
CONFIG_ISA option? Motherboards with the PC/104 bus are effectively
motherboards with the ISA bus. Alternatively, I can submit a respective
pc104.c and pc104.h patch to implement a PC/104 bus driver, but it would
essentially be a virtually vertabim copy of the ISA bus implementation
(e.g. s/isa/pc104/g).

What are your thoughts?


William Breathitt Gray