RE: [PATCH V4 1/1] NTB: Add support for AMD PCI-Express Non-Transparent Bridge

From: Allen Hubbe
Date: Wed Jan 20 2016 - 11:27:03 EST

> > There is some concept of "split bar" in this function, and I want to
> be sure to
> > understand it correctly.
> >
> > BAR0 - configuration?
> > BAR1 - 32bit memory window? i.e. "split" bar?
> > BAR2+3 - 64bit memory window?
> > BAR4+5 - 64bit memory window?
> Yes


> > Note that "split" in the intel driver refers to BAR4+5, which is
> normally a 64bit
> > memory window, split into independent 32bit windows BAR4 and BAR5 by
> > bios configuration. Calling it "split" there makes sense. Here,
> calling it "split"
> > is confusing, but as long as the code is correct, I think it's ok.
> AMD NTB has similar design.

If by similar design, you mean that BAR2+3 or BAR4+5 can be split, those configurations are not currently supported by this driver. If needed, support for those configurations can be added later, as a patch.

Ok with the current implementation.

> > I see a lot of readl/writel and ioread/iowrite in the same file, even
> in the
> > same function as there is here. Pick one variant of the functions,
> preferably
> > the ioread/iowrite variant, and be consistent in its usage throughout
> the file.
> Ioread/iowrite is only for 64bit read/write, I don't think it has any
> confusion.

It's not just for 64bit: there are ioread8,16,32. In fact, ioread64 is the one that's not provided by io.h: not all hardware can do a true 64bit read or write. We don't need a true 64bit operation, so ioread64 is provided locally, for convenience within this driver.

> Actually, Intel NTB driver has same behavior.

Actually, Intel NTB driver does not use readl/writel.

Would you please fix this?

> > It's also interesting that if it hits the last branch, ndev->peer_sta
> is assigned
> > zero, but the function returns zero, not LNK_STA. If the function
> were
> > immediately called again, it would return LNK_STA. Can you please
> explain
> > the logic here?
> Force to read link status register again because the opposite side maybe
> still
> In resuming progress, the status variable can't show the right state,
> have to
> Read register directly.

There's no indication in this function that it interacts with the timer. With your suggestion, I'll take a closer look at the interactions between this function and the timer.