Re: [PATCH v2] dell-wmi: process Dell Instant Launch hotkey on Dell Vostro V131

From: MichaÅ KÄpieÅ
Date: Thu Jan 21 2016 - 05:52:14 EST

> MichaÅ, can you prepare new (v3) version of this patch? Now required
> acpi video changes are included and so dell-wmi changes should go to...
> To finally fix this keypress bug on Dell Vostro V131 machine.

I keep this on my to-do list, but the updated patch will depend on the
final version of the SMBIOS API rework, so I guess there is little point
in posting it now as that API is subject to change. But rest assured
that as soon as the final version of the API rework series (which I have
yet to prepare, of course) gets applied by Darren, I will post a v3 of
this patch - after all, it is the very reason I am working on the API

Best regards,
MichaÅ KÄpieÅ