Re: Nokia N900: musb is in wrong state after boot

From: joerg Reisenweber
Date: Thu Jan 21 2016 - 14:34:31 EST

On Thu 21 January 2016 11:21:13 Tony Lindgren wrote:
> Do you have some pointer
> to the "certain resistor value on ID to GND" spec? Is it maybe part of
> the carkit related parts of the USB spec?

""Three additional ID pin states are defined[4] at the nominal resistance
values of 124 kÎ, 68 kÎ, and 36.5 kÎ, with respect to the ground pin. These
permit the device to work with USB Accessory Charger Adapters that allows the
OTG device to be attached to both a charger and another device simultaneously.


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