Re: [PATCH v3] watchdog: Add watchdog timer support for the WinSystems EBC-C384

From: William Breathitt Gray
Date: Tue Jan 26 2016 - 18:39:07 EST

On 01/25/2016 08:26 PM, Guenter Roeck wrote:
>> The manual for this motherboard does not provide much information about
>> the Super I/O chip (no model number, etc.), and neither sensors-detect
>> nor superiotool was able to detect it. I've sent an email to the
>> motherboard company (WinSystems) requesting further information about
>> the Super I/O chip and whether the watchdog timer is built-in to the
>> Super I/O chip.
> Ah, I somehow thought you were associated with WinSystems, since you know
> how to configure the chip.
> Did you get any useful output from sensors-detect or superiotool
> (like 'unknown chip xxxx'), or did those tools find nothing ?

Unfortunately, the sensors-detect only reported "No" for each Super I/O
chip test, while the superiotool gave an unhelpful "No Super I/O chip
detected" message.

I haven't heard a response yet from WinSystems, but I'll give them a
couple days before sending another email to their engineering
department. For now, I'll submit a version 4 of this patch to get the
minor updates I made out for review; for what its worth, I believe the
dmi_match method will be sufficient until I get an update from
WinSystems helping me get a proper check to identify the Super I/O chip.

William Breathitt Gray