Re: ARC: leftover reference on ARC_IPI_DBG

From: Vineet Gupta
Date: Wed Feb 24 2016 - 02:36:29 EST

Hi Valentin,

On Wednesday 24 February 2016 12:53 PM, Valentin Rothberg wrote:
> Hi Vineet,
> your commit 0443ad7fb2eb ("ARC: SMP: No need for CONFIG_ARC_IPI_DBG")
> has shown up in todays linux-next tree (i.e., next-20160224) and removes
> the Kconfig option ARC_IPI_DBG and all referencing #ifdefs but one:
> arch/arc/kernel/mcip.c:58:#ifdef CONFIG_ARC_IPI_DBG
> arch/arc/kernel/mcip.c-59- if (ipi_was_pending)
> arch/arc/kernel/mcip.c-60- pr_info("IPI ACK delayed from cpu %d\n", cpu);
> arch/arc/kernel/mcip.c-61-#endif
> arch/arc/kernel/mcip.c-62-}
> If you want to, I can send a trivial patch removing either the entire
> block or just the CPP macros.
> I detected the issue with scripts/ by diffing
> yesterdays and todays next tree.

Thx for catching this - I had done a git grep after initial fix, but didn't after
the rebasing/reordering of patches
Please do send the patch which removes this hunk altogether !


> Best regards,
> Valentin