Kernel versions after causes shutdown to 'hang'; how do I triage?

From: SimonC
Date: Wed Feb 24 2016 - 21:57:44 EST


I have been trying to resolve this for a while and have not been able to solve the issue.

The problem is simple, since the kernel was upgraded from the computer will not shutdown properly. It starts the sequence then halts after 6-10sec -- it does not poweroff the computer, it seems to stop at a higher running state with the logoff screen still visible. To shutdown the computer I have to press the power button until the computer actually powers off. As a work around I have reverted back to kernel version and at each new kernel upgrade tested again. Despite multiple upgrades this problem has not disappeared.

I have read many many blogs and posts on related issues but nothing that has been suggested works. It appears to me that it was about this time that the Upstart system was changed for the Systemd system, and this somehow has made the kernel incompatible with my hardware. I have tried reinstalling my distro "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the Mate Desktop", changed various desktop environments and moved to the latest Ubuntu release or different 'flavours' -- essentially if the distro has the latest kernel my shutdown does not work.

Can anyone suggest how I can proceed? What information is required to get help? What log will tell me what is going on?

As a side question -- what happens if I fix the kernel at

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Simon