Re: [REGRESSION] 8a3e33cf92c7 "ata: ahci: find eSATA ports and flag them as removable" changes userspace behavior

From: Laura Abbott
Date: Thu Feb 25 2016 - 20:49:54 EST

On 02/25/2016 11:09 AM, Manuel Lauss wrote:
On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 6:12 PM, Laura Abbott <labbott@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We received a bugzilla report
of partitions being automounted unexpectedly. Testing showed that
8a3e33cf92c7 ("ata: ahci: find eSATA ports and flag them as removable") was
This seems to be classified as 'breaking' userspace given that this behavior
in partitions that were previously unmounted now being being mounted
automatically which is unwanted behavior for the user. Can we revert this
patch or
give a fix to change this behavior?

Can you test this? I think the old HPCP bit should just be ignored,
although windows does use it, i.e. when I enable hotplug capability
in the bios on my desktop it shows the "eject device" icon for a device
attached to the port on the motherboard, we probably can ignore it
on linux to not break all automounting distros. On my laptop, where
I care about this, it still works as intended.

diff --git a/drivers/ata/libahci.c b/drivers/ata/libahci.c
index 4029679..e029e3c 100644
--- a/drivers/ata/libahci.c
+++ b/drivers/ata/libahci.c
@@ -1164,8 +1164,7 @@ static void ahci_port_init(struct device *dev,
struct ata_port *ap,

/* mark esata ports */
tmp = readl(port_mmio + PORT_CMD);
- if ((tmp & PORT_CMD_HPCP) ||
- ((tmp & PORT_CMD_ESP) && (hpriv->cap & HOST_CAP_SXS)))
+ if ((tmp & PORT_CMD_ESP) && (hpriv->cap & HOST_CAP_SXS))
ap->pflags |= ATA_PFLAG_EXTERNAL;

At least one user reported that this fixed the issue and he said
you could add

Tested-by: Bob Schultz <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxx>