RE: [RFC v1] clk: Add debugfs nodes for enable/disable/set-rate/set-parent

From: Pankaj DEV
Date: Fri Feb 26 2016 - 03:07:31 EST


The prime motive for clk_set_rate is to set new rate for a clock, since the 'clk_rate' currently available, allows only reading.
To provide reading rate from 'clk_set_rate' is just additional feature.


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>Subject: Re: [RFC v1] clk: Add debugfs nodes for enable/disable/set-rate/set-
>Pankaj Dev <> writes:
>> 1. clk_set_rate : Set new rate to value. Reading returns the current
>> rate
>If you can use this to set *and* read it, then "_set_" shouldn't be in the name.
>What is wrong with using the existing "clk_rate" for reading/setting the rate?