[PATCH v1 2/3] x86/PCI: Mark Broadwell-EP Home Agent & PCU as having non-compliant BARs

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Fri Feb 26 2016 - 10:59:08 EST

The Home Agent and PCU PCI devices in Broadwell-EP have a non-BAR register
where a BAR should be. We don't know what the side effects of sizing the
"BAR" would be, and we don't know what address space the "BAR" might appear
to describe.

Mark these devices as having non-compliant BARs so the PCI core doesn't
touch them.

Signed-off-by: Bjorn Helgaas <bhelgaas@xxxxxxxxxx>
arch/x86/pci/fixup.c | 7 +++++++
1 file changed, 7 insertions(+)

diff --git a/arch/x86/pci/fixup.c b/arch/x86/pci/fixup.c
index e585655..0ae7e9f 100644
--- a/arch/x86/pci/fixup.c
+++ b/arch/x86/pci/fixup.c
@@ -540,3 +540,10 @@ static void twinhead_reserve_killing_zone(struct pci_dev *dev)
DECLARE_PCI_FIXUP_HEADER(PCI_VENDOR_ID_INTEL, 0x27B9, twinhead_reserve_killing_zone);
+static void pci_bdwep_bar(struct pci_dev *dev)
+ dev->non_compliant_bars = 1;