Re: [net-next][PATCH 00/13] RDS: Major clean-up with couple of new features for 4.6

From: santosh.shilimkar@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat Feb 27 2016 - 21:13:54 EST

Hi Dave,

On 2/26/16 9:43 PM, Santosh Shilimkar wrote:
Series is generated against net-next but also applies against Linus's tip
cleanly. The diff-stat looks bit scary since almost ~4K lines of code is
getting removed.


Entire patchset is available below git tree:
git:// for_4.6/net-next/rds

Just noticed that, I accidentally posted the patches from older(v1)
folder, instead of updated v2. Sorry about it. Please discard
this entire series. Will post intended v2 right after this email.