Re: [RFC PATCH 11/12] certs: Add a secondary system keyring that can be added to dynamically [ver #2]

From: David Howells
Date: Tue Mar 08 2016 - 09:43:25 EST

Mimi Zohar <zohar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Would then restrict_link_to_system_trusted imply both the builtin and
> secondary keyrings or just the builtin keyrings?

Both, if available; just builtin if the secondary is not available.

restrict_link_by_builtin_trusted() does only the builtin.

> Changing the system keyring name to builtin keys, without changing the
> corresponding restrict_link name, obfuscates what is really happening.

You can still look at the code, it's not as if it's particularly hidden.

The problem boils down to a difficulty in concocting a name that describes a
complex situation that may change depending on the configuration. I can make
it "restrict_link_by_any_system_trusted" if you'd prefer.

That's why I want "system trusted keyrings" to refer to the builtin and the
secondary - *and* an extra UEFI keyring if we grow one of those. It's a
collection of related keyrings.