Re: [PATCH v3 1/2] cxl: Add mechanism for delivering AFU driver specific events

From: Frederic Barrat
Date: Wed Mar 09 2016 - 12:08:24 EST

Hi Vaibhav,

Le 09/03/2016 15:37, Vaibhav Jain a Ãcrit :

I would propose these two apis.

* fetches an event from the driver event queue. NULL means that queue
* is empty. Can sleep if needed. The memory for cxl_event is allocated
* by module being called. Hence it can be potentially be larger then
* sizeof(struct cxl_event). Multiple calls to this should return same
* pointer untill ack_event is called.
struct cxl_event * fetch_event(struct cxl_context * ctx);

* Returns and acknowledge the struct cxl_event * back to the driver
* which can then free it or maybe put it back in a kmem_cache. This
* should be called once we have completely returned the current
* struct cxl_event from the readcall
void ack_event(struct cxl_context * ctx, struct cxl_event *);

How would you implement polling on those APIs?
How would you implement afu_read? There are several sources of events.