Re: [PATCH] hid: sony: Add power supply support for PS3 remote

From: Frederic Jacob
Date: Wed Mar 09 2016 - 21:54:26 EST

On 03/09/2016 11:58 AM, Bastien Nocera wrote:
Hey Frederic,

On Tue, 2016-03-08 at 20:40 -0500, Frederic Jacob wrote:
Add power supply support for the PS3 remote controller
Isn't something like "add battery state reporting for PS3 remotes"

Also, as I don't think it's physically possible to have the PS3 remote
both connected and charging at the same time, maybe the comment
in sixaxis_parse_report() should be modified to make it clear that the
PS3 remote doesn't have that problem.

I hesitated to use a message similar as to what you suggest
but changed it to use the technical term, but I prefer yours.

As for the comment in sixaxis_parse_report() what do you think if I add
at the end of the comment?
" The PS3 remote cannot be charged so it is always set to discharging
and unplugged."