Re: [PATCH v3 0/7] usb: add support for Intel dual role port mux

From: Greg Kroah-Hartman
Date: Thu Mar 10 2016 - 19:03:40 EST

On Tue, Mar 08, 2016 at 03:53:41PM +0800, Lu Baolu wrote:
> Intel SOC chips are featured with USB dual role. The host role is
> provided by Intel xHCI IP, and the gadget role is provided by IP
> from designware. Tablet platform designs always share a single
> port for both host and gadget controllers. There is a mux to
> switch the port to the right controller according to the cable
> type. OS needs to provide the callback to control the mux when
> a plug-in event raises. The method to control the mux is platform
> dependent. At least three types of implementation can be found
> across current devices. 1) GPIO pins; 2) a unit which can be
> controlled by memory mapped registers; 3) ACPI ASL code.
> This patch series adds supports for Intel dual role port mux.
> It includes:
> (1) A helper layer on top of extcon for individual mux driver.
> It listens to the USB-HOST extcon cable and call the switch
> call-back when the cable state changes.
> (2) Drivers for GPIO controlled port mux which could be found on
> Baytrail devices. A mfd driver is used to split the GPIOs into
> USB gpio extcon device and a USB mux device. Driver for USB
> gpio extcon device is already in upstream Linux. This patch
> series includes a driver for GPIO USB mux.
> (3) Drivers for USB port mux controlled through memory mapped
> registers and the logic to create the mux device. This type
> of dual role port mux could be found in Cherry Trail and
> Broxton devices.
> Lu Baolu (7):
> extcon: usb-gpio: add device binding for platform device
> extcon: usb-gpio: add support for ACPI gpio interface
> usb: mux: add common code for Intel dual role port mux
> usb: mux: add driver for Intel gpio controlled port mux
> usb: mux: add driver for Intel drcfg controlled port mux
> usb: pci-quirks: add Intel USB drcfg mux device
> mfd: intel_vuport: Add Intel virtual USB port MFD Driver

You don't describe here what you changed from v2, or even from v1.
Please always be specific, we don't remember what your last submissions
looked like at all...


greg k-h