[PATCH v5 0/2] power: reset: support for Atmel alternative Shutdown Controller

From: Nicolas Ferre
Date: Wed Mar 16 2016 - 09:19:23 EST

This is a series to add driver for a new Atmel Shutdown Controller. This new IP
is extensible and some features will be added later (see the TODO section).
Its extensible nature led to write a new binding so that wake-up sources can be
described easily.

Changes in v5:
- Instead of the "alternate shdwc" we choose a more specific
"sama5d2-compatible shdwc" wording. Change file name, in Kconfig, and the
at91-shdwc.c -> at91-sama5d2_shdwc.c
"ATMEL AT91 Alternative Shutdown Controller" -> "ATMEL AT91 SAMA5D2-Compatible
Shutdown Controller"
- fix one indentation mismatch

Changes in v4:
- change property to debounce-delay-us so that we can use a generic property
and we can have the unit explicitly included it the name according to
- move to atmel,wakeup-active-high boolean property instead of a "high", "low"
string comparison.
- fix warning found by 0-day robot: large integer implicitly truncated to
unsigned type [-Woverflow]
- move to the property debounce-delay-us
- move to atmel,wakeup-active-high boolean
- add entry in MAINTAINERS file

Changes in v3:
- get and use slow clock and specify its handler in binding
- add the slow clock handle as the IP uses it
- remove useless protection at the beginning of pm_power_off handler
- allow to compile it as a module
- add COMPILE_TEST directive in Kconfig
- update description in file header

Changes in v2:
- add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE as advised by Sebastian Reichel
- review indentation and braces to correct errors pointed out by checkpatch

Nicolas Ferre (2):
ARM: dts: at91: shdwc binding: add new shutdown controller
power: reset: at91-shdwc: add new shutdown controller driver

.../devicetree/bindings/arm/atmel-at91.txt | 59 +++++
drivers/power/reset/Kconfig | 8 +
drivers/power/reset/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/power/reset/at91-sama5d2_shdwc.c | 282 +++++++++++++++++++++
5 files changed, 355 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 drivers/power/reset/at91-sama5d2_shdwc.c