Re: [PATCH 1/2] misc: add nirtfeatures driver

From: Kyle Roeschley
Date: Wed Mar 16 2016 - 18:44:59 EST

Hi Lee,

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 07:48:24AM +0000, Lee Jones wrote:
> Is there any reason why the functionality can't be split up into
> different source files? Create an LED driver, a Switch (whatever that
> is) driver and a Watchdog driver, place them in drivers/{appropriate},
> then register from each of them using the MFD API.

I goofed a bit in the commit messages; this driver exposes LEDs and buttons
("switches") and gives access to information such as the reason for last system
reset, FPGA boot mode, and hardware revision among other things. The watchdog
was split into another driver and shouldn't have been mentioned.

As for splitting this driver up, I'm not sure I see the necessity. I'm also
unsure as to the distinction between a platform driver and an MFD driver. In
the case of this driver, the CPLD is always and only present on a specific
series of embedded controllers so I think it might be more appropriate to put
it in drivers/platform. CC-ing Darren Hart, x86 platform driver maintainer, for
input and because I forgot to copy him earlier in this chain.

Kyle Roeschley
National Instruments