Re: Nokia N900 - audio TPA6130A2 problems

From: Ivaylo Dimitrov
Date: Thu Mar 17 2016 - 09:11:27 EST


On 17.03.2016 15:01, Pali RohÃr wrote:
On Thursday 17 March 2016 09:56:22 Ivaylo Dimitrov wrote:

Is camera on same bus as tpa? Maybe this is reason why camera is
non-functional too?

It doesn't matter, all the i2c busses are missing the pullups.

Will fix the board DTS file later on an will report

Thanks for investigation! Is that problem in both DTS and also legacy
board code?

I guess legacy board code does not set i2c pull-ups either, as we
have that problem since the beginning of time. Anyway, let me first
check if enabling pullups really solves the issue, I hope to test that in a couple of hours when I am back home.

Or you can do it yourself, it is just a matter of replacing PIN_INPUT with PIN_INPUT_PULLUP in for all the 3 ic2 busses