Re: [PATCH 1/4] vfs: add file_dentry()

From: Theodore Ts'o
Date: Thu Mar 17 2016 - 10:18:49 EST

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 11:15:26AM +0100, Sedat Dilek wrote:
> Is that correct the ext4-related patches 3/4 and 4/4 are Linux-v4.5 material?
> Not applicable fpr v4.4.y-stable?

4.5 has already been released, but I think these patches are suitable
for the v4.[345].y-stable branch (which I think is the question you
are really asking).

Al, are you willing to push all of these to Linus before the merge
window closes, with a cc to stable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Or I can push
them to linus via the ext4.git tree if I get signoffs/acked-by's from
the VFS and NFS maintainers.

I'll want to do a full a regression test cycle since we're pushing
patches created after the merge window opened, but I consider these
bug fixes and will certainly support pushing them to Linus as far as
ext4 is concerned.


- Ted