Re: NVMEM usage question

From: Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
Date: Thu Mar 17 2016 - 12:14:30 EST

On Mon, 14 Mar 2016, Eddie Huang wrote:
> Mediatek PMIC chip have some spare registers used to store information.
> The value of these registers will exist until user unplug battery or
> battery depletion. One of our usage example is store battery utilization

i.e. like battery-backed raid caches.

> in these spare registers. We want to implement NVMEM driver to
> read/write sparse registers, but binding document describe NVMEM is for
> "Non-volatile memory", and for hardware like eeprom, efuse. Since the

Users will expect nvmem to not go away on battery drain, so I don't think it
would be the best fit, semantically speaking.

Unless this is common enough that it would make sense to have a generic
quasi-non-volatile profile for nvmem, and publish that constraint to
userspace in a standard way...

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