Re: UFS V11 patch-set

From: Joao Pinto
Date: Fri Mar 18 2016 - 10:53:53 EST


On 3/18/2016 2:49 PM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Friday 18 March 2016 12:52:13 Joao Pinto wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Could you please check the following patch-set in order to evaluate if it is
>> ready for v4.6?
> I think the code is ok now, but the timing apparently didn't work for 4.6.
> I'd suggest you resend as soon as 4.6-rc1 is out so it can get merged into 4.7.

Isn't it possible to be merged into a ufs-dwc branch in the SCSI Git tree that
could be pulled later, like Bjorn did in the PCIe RC?

> Arnd