Re: [PATCH 0/3] infiniband: IB/hns: Hisilicon RoCE support

From: oulijun
Date: Sat Mar 19 2016 - 07:45:11 EST

On 2016/3/12 18:20, Leon Romanovsky wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 06:37:08PM +0800, Lijun Ou wrote:
> 1) It is redundant to write "infiniband" and "IB" in one title to mention
> relevant subsystem, since it is the same.
> Please take a look on the other submissions here on the list and use
> similar construction.
> 2) Please use version number in the titles [PATCH vXXX]
Hi dledford, thanks for reviewing

I have modified it, I will send a new patch at soon

Lijun Ou
>> The Hisilicon Network Substem(hns) is a long term evolution IP which is
>> supposed to be used in Hisilicon ICT SoC. RoCE is a feature of hns.
>> The driver for Hisilicon RoCE engine is a platform driver.
>> The driver will support mulitple versions of hns. Currently only "v1"
>> for hip06 SOC is supported.
>> Changes v1 -> v2:
>> 1. adjust the formats of roce driver code by the experts reviewing
>> 2. modify the bindings file with roce dts. add the attribute named
>> interrput-names.
>> 3. modify the way of defining port mode in hns_dsaf_main.c
>> 4. move the Kconfig file into the hns directory and send it with roce
>> driver code file together.
>> Lijun Ou (3):
>> infiniband: IB/hns: add Hisilicon RoCE support
>> net: hns: add Hisilicon RoCE support
>> infiniband: IB/hns: add Hisilicon RoCE support with bindings
> .