Re: [PATCH] usb: xhci: Fix incomplete PM resume operation due to XHCI commmand timeout

From: Mathias Nyman
Date: Mon Mar 21 2016 - 05:09:52 EST

On 21.03.2016 06:18, Rajesh Bhagat wrote:


I think clearing the whole command ring is a bit too much in this case.
It may cause issues for all attached devices when one command times out.

Hi Mathias,

I understand your point, But I want to understand how would completion handler be called
if a command is timed out and xhci_abort_cmd_ring is successful. In this case all the code
would be waiting on completion handler forever.

2. xhci_handle_command_timeout -> xhci_abort_cmd_ring(failure) -> xhci_cleanup_command_queue -> xhci_complete_del_and_free_cmd

In our case command is timed out, Hence we hit the case #2 but xhci_abort_cmd_ring is success which
does not calls complete.

xhci_abort_cmd_ring() will write CA bit (CMD_RING_ABORT) to CRCR register.
This will generate a command completion event with status "command aborted" for the pending command.
This event is then followed by a "command ring stopped" command completion event.

See xHCI specs 5.4.5 and

handle_cmd_completion() will check if cmd_comp_code == COMP_CMD_ABORT, goto event_handled, and call
xhci_complete_del_and_free_cmd(cmd, cmd_comp_code) for the aborted command.

If xHCI already processed the aborted command, we might only get a command ring stopped event, in this
case handle_cmd_completion() will call xhci_handle_stopped_cmd_ring(xhci, cmd), which will turn the
commands that were tagged for "abort" that still remain on the command ring to NO-OP commands.

The completion callback will be called for these NO-OP command later when we get a command completion event
for them.
What kernel version, and what xhci vendor was this triggered on?

We are using 4.1.8 kernel

Are you able to try a more recent version?