Re: [PATCH] cpufreq: rockchip: add driver

From: Feng Xiao
Date: Mon Mar 21 2016 - 09:24:28 EST

å 2016/3/21 17:58, Viresh Kumar åé:
On 21-03-16, 10:54, Heiko StÃbner wrote:
I hadn't seen that yet ... nice that cpufreq-dt now also supports clusters :-)

The other part still stands though, as we probably should register the
platform-device somewhere else and not in some new special module.

When everything is using cpufreq-dt now, I guess we could just add it to the
core rockchip clk-code. Or was there some agreement where this should be done
(obviously not the devicetree itself)?
Of_clk_init is called early, and platform_device_register_simple should be called after devices_init, it will be failed to do it from clk-code.
So we need add a new file or add module_init to each clock controller driver(like clk-rk3368.c, clk-rk3399.c) ?
Yeah, there was a discussion around creating a white or black list of platforms
that want to create a platform device for cpufreq-dt. That can be done in
cpufreq-dt.c or a new file, but I haven't worked out on that yet.

You can do it from clk-code or from the driver that was added in this thread.
Just that you need to match your platform's compatible string before doing that.
Rockchip-cpufreq.c depends on ARM_ROCKCHIP_CPUFREQ, it will not be compiled on non-Rockchip platforms.
The driver can support all Rockchip SoCs up to now, add of_machine_is_compatible may be redundant ?