RE: [PATCH] lan78xx: Protect runtime_auto check by #ifdef CONFIG_PM

From: Woojung.Huh
Date: Mon Mar 21 2016 - 16:09:21 EST

> > > But this leaves open the issue that querying the device too often will
> > > prevent it from going into autosuspend. It seems to me that the best
> > > way to deal with this is to make sure that the autosuspend timeout is
> > > shorter than the interal between queries, not to make the querying
> > > conditional on !runtime_auto.
> >
> > Short autosuspend timeout can affect performance. For instance our
> experiments showed that
> > shorter than 10sec timeout made Ethernet performance degrade because
> of wakeup delays.
> > So, just putting shorter timeout may have some side effects.
> Sure. This just means that you need a long statistics interval --
> longer than the autosuspend timeout. That's why I suggested making the
> interval adjustable.

What do you mean statistics interval?
Interval calling ndo_get_stats64 or another thread/timer or else getting statistics?