Re: [PATCH 3/3] staging: dgnc: use tty_alloc_driver instead of kcalloc

From: DaeSeok Youn
Date: Tue Mar 22 2016 - 03:40:30 EST

2016-03-22 6:05 GMT+09:00 Greg KH <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 01:29:00PM +0900, Daeseok Youn wrote:
>> the tty_alloc_driver() can allocate memory for ttys and termios.
>> And also it can release allocated memory easly with using
>> put_tty_driver().
>> Signed-off-by: Daeseok Youn <daeseok.youn@xxxxxxxxx>
> But you broke the driver in the previous patch, you can't do that, each
> patch has to be 'stand-alone'.
I am not sure about 'stand-alone'. this patch has to have dependency on
previous patch..

I am not sure how to make a series of patches that are related with others.

In this series of patches, 1/3 was failed to merge because changelog entry was
missing. So other patches(2/3, 3/3) was breaking working codes.
I will resend this patch with previous and check more before sending
these patches.
Sorry for the noise..

And I have a question not related this thread,
I had been waiting my patches merged and also have other patches on
same file(in case of dgnc).
I couldn't send next patches until previous patches are taken.
How can I manage my patches for this case?



> thanks,
> greg k-h