Re: Thunderbolt 3 (Skylake / Alpine Ridge) hotplug

From: Jack Coulter
Date: Tue Mar 22 2016 - 04:26:58 EST

Hi Bjorn,

> Can you open a report at, category
> drivers/PCI, and attach complete "lspci -vv" output (run as root) and
> complete dmesg logs, both when hub is attached at boot, and when
> booting without hub and attaching hub later?
> I don't know much about Thunderbolt. But since it appears as a PCI
> device, I would expect some sort of hotplug notification when you
> attach the hub. If pciehp handles hotplug, it looks like we should
> see something from pcie_isr() in the dmesg log.
> Since you don't see that, I suspect we're getting ACPI notifications
> via the acpiphp driver. I'm not as familiar with that, so I don't
> know what if anything it logs. If you're inclined, you could add some
> printks in
> acpiphp_add_context()
> acpi_device_hotplug()
> acpiphp_hotplug_notify()
> hotplug_event()
> Then we'd at least see if we get any ACPI notifications.
> Bjorn

I've logged a report with the requested details; it can be found here:

Kind regards,

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