Re: [RFT PATCH 2/2] Revert "usb: dwc2: Fix probe problem on bcm2835"

From: Doug Anderson
Date: Tue Mar 22 2016 - 15:44:32 EST


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 12:26 PM, John Youn <John.Youn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the debug logs and everyones help.
> After reviewing with our hardware engineers, it seems this is likely
> to do with the IDDIG debounce filtering when switching between
> modes. You can see if this is enabled in your core by checking
> GHWCFG4.IddgFltr.
> From the databook:
> Specifies whether to add a filter on the "iddig" input from the
> PHY. If your PHY already has a filter on iddig for de-bounce, then
> it is not necessary to enable the one in the DWC_otg. The filter
> is implemented in the DWC_otg_wpc module as a 20-bit counter that
> works on the PHY clock. In the case of the UTMI+ PHY, this pin is
> from the PHY. In the case of the ULPI PHY, this signal is
> generated by the ULPI Wrapper inside the core.
> This only affects OTG cores and the delay is 10ms for 30MHz PHY clock
> and 50ms with a 6MHz PHY clock.

Wow, nice to have it so perfectly explained! :)

> The reason we see this after a reset is that by default the IDDIG
> indicates device mode. But if the id pin is set to host the core will
> immediately detect it after the reset and trigger the filtering delay
> before changing to host mode.
> This delay is also triggered by force mode. This is the origin of the
> 25 ms delay specified in the databook. The databook did not take into
> account that there might be a 6MHz clock so this delay could actually
> be up to 50 ms. So we aren't delaying enough time for those cases.
> I think this explains all the problems and platform differences we are
> seeing related to this.
> I think we can just add an IDDIG delay after a force mode, a clear
> force mode, and any time after reset where we don't do either a force
> or clear force mode immediately afterwards. Maybe set the delay time
> via a core parameter or measure it once on probe. Or we can probably
> just poll for the mode change in all of the above conditions.

The driver seems to be able to figure out the PHY clock in most cases
in dwc2_calc_frame_interval(). It doesn't seem to handle 6MHz there,
though. I wonder if that's another bug?

Polling seems fine too, though.

> Are you able to continue looking into this? If not, I can take it up.

I'm pretty much out of time at this point and it sounds like you've
though through all of the corner cases. If you can take it up that
would be wonderful! :) I'm happy to give the patches a test, though!