Re: regmap: mmio: regression in pre-v4.6-rc1

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed Mar 23 2016 - 07:39:56 EST

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 12:16:13PM +0100, Alexander Stein wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 March 2016 10:34:15, Mark Brown wrote:

> > Are you *sure* that this is actually big endian? Are you basing this on
> > documentation or on what happened to work for you in the past.

> Please refer to QorIQ LS1021A Reference Manual (REV 0) table 2.2 (CCSR block
> base address map) which states that this peripheral (among _most_ but not all)
> requires byte swapping. Same for DSPI.
> Yeah, it sounds strange.

I don't have that document.

> > Have you tried tracing through the code to see what ends up happening to
> > the I/O? It should come out using your architecture's big endian
> > accessors.

> In regmap_mmio_gen_context ctx->reg_read is set to regmap_mmio_read32le and
> ctx->reg_write to regmap_mmio_write32le respectively.

So how does that happen then? We set these values if the bus is
default, little or native endian but if it's big endian we go into a
completely different case...

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