Re: [PATCH 7/8] mwifiex: don't print an error if an optional DT property is missing

From: Julian Calaby
Date: Wed Jun 01 2016 - 00:21:22 EST

Hi All,

On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 12:18 AM, Javier Martinez Canillas
<javier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/wireless/marvell-sd8xxx.txt DT
> binding document say that the "interrupts" property in the child node is
> optional. So the property being missed shouldn't be treated as an error.

Have you checked whether it is truly optional? I.e. nothing else
breaks if this property isn't set?

> Signed-off-by: Javier Martinez Canillas <javier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Other than that, this looks sensible to me.

Reviewed-by: Julian Calaby <julian.calaby@xxxxxxxxx>

> ---
> drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/sdio.c | 2 +-
> 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


Julian Calaby

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