RE: [PATCH V8 0/9] Support for ARM64 ACPI based PCI host controller

From: Gabriele Paoloni
Date: Thu Jun 02 2016 - 06:07:23 EST

Hi Jon

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH V8 0/9] Support for ARM64 ACPI based PCI host
> controller
> On 06/01/2016 03:36 AM, Gabriele Paoloni wrote:
> > If you agree I think Jon can tell who's the best person to
> > push the quirk RFC (as my understanding is that this mechanism
> > is currently used by some platforms deployed on the market...)
> Let me ping Linaro folks to see who has that (quirks) ball. We can
> certainly share the older OEM matching quirks Mark Salter did for
> earlier RHEL(SA) internal versions as a seed for that[0] activity.

Tomasz has posted the RFC so we'll start to look at that

> BUT...I don't think we should block this thread on the quirks. They're
> separate (but important). I see Arnd's reply as well, but nobody else
> has yet chimed in to this thread (and I am about to prod all of the
> vendors to reply to this thread and ACK). Can I ask whether we can't
> just stage v8 as-is for -next at this point? Can Arnd's (or other)
> suggestions be handled as followup patches post-merge please? Bjorn?

I will ask HiSilicon folks to test it so we can add Tested-by on this



> Jon.
> [0] RHEL(SA) has had three different PCIe enabled ACPI stacks
> maintained
> independently so far since we need PCIe to boot most of the hundreds of
> v8 systems we have internal to Red Hat - which all have PCI.
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