RE: [PATCH 12/20] x86, edac: use Intel family name macros for edac driver

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Thu Jun 02 2016 - 12:16:33 EST

> Another straightforward replacement of magic numbers.

It would be if I hadn't forgotten that INTEL_FAM6_MODEL_BROADWELL_XEON_D had
a separate model number from the other Broadwell Xeons when I switched the driver
from PCI device lookup to cpu model number.

This needs to add an entry for BDX-DE (use the same table initializer). Probably as
a separate patch before/after this.


[The name INTEL_FAM6_MODEL_BROADWELL_XEON_D is so long it will spoil the
line-up of this code ... +1 vote on Boris' suggestion to drop the "MODEL_" bit from all these