Re: [PATCH 01/32] arm64: Add platform selection for BCM2835.

From: Scott Branden
Date: Thu Jun 02 2016 - 13:22:11 EST

On 16-06-02 10:12 AM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
There is no need to add ARCH_BCM though?

There are Makefile(s) with

obj-$(CONFIG_ARCH_BCM) += bcm/

in drivers/pinctrl for example, maybe more, didn't check the whole tree.

So without ARCH_BCM some drivers are dropped from the build ...

I see that now. Quite bizarre how the NS2 pinctl driver (used on a arm64 SoC) gets built right now....

Yes, adding the select with hidden option seems like what needs to be done. The ARM Maintainers did not like multi-level ARCH_BCM being added in the arm64 Kconfig previously so we dropped it.