Re: [PATCH 0/5] hwmon: New hwmon registration API

From: Guenter Roeck
Date: Sun Jul 10 2016 - 20:57:05 EST

Hi Jonathan,

On 07/10/2016 09:00 AM, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
On 26/06/16 04:26, Guenter Roeck wrote:
Up to now, each hwmon driver has to implement its own sysfs attributes.
This requires a lot of template code, and distracts from the driver's
core function to read and write chip registers.

To be able to reduce driver complexity, move sensor attribute handling
and thermal zone registration into the hwmon core. By using the new API,
driver size is typically reduced by 20-50% depending on driver complexity
and the number of sysfs attributes supported.

The first patch of the series introduces the API as well as support
for temperature sensors. Subsequent patches introduce support for
voltage, current, power, energy, humidity, and fan speed sensors.

The series was tested by converting several drivers (lm75, lm90, tmp102,
tmp421, ltc4245) to the new API. Testing was done with with real chips
as well as with the hwmon driver module test code available at
Some cool stuff hiding in there :)

I've only reviewed 1 and 7 and the intermediate ones are really either
correct or they aren't and they look fine to me.

Thanks a lot for your feedback - it is reassuring that it looks sane to you.

So what's next? (beyond presumably a lot of driver conversions).

Next steps will be to address your comments, re-test, submit a new series,
add to -next after v4.8-rc1 is out, submit the conversions I have done
and add to -next. Then, obviously, only accept new drivers using the
new API.

Not sure if there is anything else we can or want to do do at this time.
Do you have anything in mind ?