Re: Kernel Debian package build fails on dpkg 1.17.25

From: Marcin Mielniczuk
Date: Tue Jul 12 2016 - 15:43:55 EST

Never mind. I've already sent the patch to the maintainer and the mailing list of scripts/package.

On 12.07.2016 17:15, Marcin Mielniczuk wrote:

I talked a while about the following problem on KernelNewbies IRC and it was suggested I report it here.

I'm using Arch Linux, dpkg 1.17.25 from AUR. I downloaded the latest kernel tarball and ran `make deb-pkg` (I'm building for a Debian system).

The tail of the build output is:
Running `dpkg-parsechangelog` directly in the root directory yields the same result.

The changelog generated by the kernel builds system is:

Please cc me directly.