RE: [PATCH] rndis_host: Set random MAC for ZTE MF910

From: David Laight
Date: Fri Jul 15 2016 - 12:44:41 EST

From: BjÃrn Mork
> Sent: 13 July 2016 23:23
> Or how about the more generic?:
> if (bp[0] & 0x02)
> eth_hw_addr_random(net);
> else
> ether_addr_copy(net->dev_addr, bp);
> That would catch similar screwups from other vendors too.

Not really, that disables 'locally administered' addresses. If a vendor
has used the same address on lots of cards it could easily be a 'real' address.

Not only that, there certainly used to be manufacturers that used 'locally
administered' addresses on all their cards (as well as those that used unallocated
address blocks).
Not to mention the bit-revered addresses....