Reiserfs - stable backport request for 4.4

From: Andrea Cascio
Date: Mon Jul 18 2016 - 14:23:56 EST

support for ACL/xattr in reiserfs is unfortunately broken since version
4.4 (getfacl/setfacl fails with EINVAL). The problem was solved by Al
Viro on 2016-04-10 with this commit:

reiserfs: switch to generic_{get,set,remove}xattr()

The patch applies on 4.4.14 with some fuzziness but it solves the issue
with no apparent side effects. I launched a small stress-test (some
hours of random set/get ACL on a reiserfs partition) with no problem.

Could you please backport the commit for v4.4 stable?

Andrea Cascio
Nucleus srl