Re: [PATCH 02/14] resource limits: aggregate task highwater marks to cgroup level

From: Topi Miettinen
Date: Tue Jul 19 2016 - 12:57:33 EST

On 07/18/16 22:52, Tejun Heo wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 05:15:41PM +0000, Topi Miettinen wrote:
>> There are clear semantics for the limits themselves, either they apply
>> per task or per user. It makes sense to gather values according to these
>> semantics. Then with systemd or other tools you can use the valuse to
>> set the limits for a service regardless if the limit applies per task or
>> per user and it works according to each limit's semantics.
> What does it mean to collect the maximum of the high watermarks of
> multiple users or the high water marks along process hierarchy which
> is spread across multiple cgroups? These are non-sensical numbers.
> If you want to collect high watermarks per-cgroup, the numbers have to
> be per-cgroup - how many fds are being used in that particular cgroup
> and what's the high watermark of that number and so on. You can't
> just take maximum from process hierarchy or user watermarks.

Then there would need to be new limit checks at cgroup level. Would you
see problems with that approach?