[ANNOUNCE] kmod 23

From: Lucas De Marchi
Date: Wed Jul 20 2016 - 01:20:34 EST

kmod 23 is out:


- Improvements:
- Don't add comment to modules.devname if it would otherwise be empty
to play nice with tools detecting empty files

- Allow building with BSD sed, that doesn't have -E flag

- Ignore .TOC. symbols in depmod parsing as it's for PPC64 the
equivalent of _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_

- Teach modinfo about PKCS#7 module signatures: it doesn't add any
other info besides telling the user the module is signed since
kernel doesn't add other info on the module section

- Bug fixes

- Fix -s and -p compat options to insmod triggering force flag

- Fix long lines from /proc/modules not being handled correctly by
kmod_module_new_from_loaded() and kmod_module_get_size() and several
other library functions that use them

- Fix crash on modinfo while checking for available signature of
unknown type

- Fix documentation generation with gtk-doc

Shortlog is below

Anton Blanchard (1):
depmod: Ignore PowerPC64 ABIv2 .TOC. symbol

HÃctor OrÃn MartÃnez (1):
kmod: compiling with old sed version (!ERE support)

Josh Triplett (1):
depmod: Don't insert comment in modules.devname if otherwise empty

Lucas De Marchi (8):
travis: workaround bug in environment setup
README: add link to patchwork
libkmod-module: do not crash modinfo on 0 key id len
libkmod-signature: handle PKCS#7
libkmod-module: modinfo: print signature id
libkmod: fix integration with gtk-doc
NEWS: add items for kmod 23
kmod 23

Marc-Antoine Perennou (1):
insmod: fix wron fallthrough of -f

Michal Marek (1):
libkmod: Handle long lines in /proc/modules

Peter Wu (1):
kmod_module_get_refcnt: fix documentation

Lucas De Marchi