Re: [RFC 5/7] [media] ir-lirc-codec: do not handle any buffer for raw transmitters

From: Andi Shyti
Date: Wed Jul 20 2016 - 20:48:21 EST

Hi Sean,

> > Raw transmitters receive the data which need to be sent to
> > receivers from userspace as stream of bits, they don't require
> > any handling from the lirc framework.
> No drivers of type RC_DRIVER_IR_RAW_TX should handle tx just like any
> other device, so data should be provided as an array of u32 alternating
> pulse-space. If your device does not handle input like that then convert
> it into that format in the driver. Every other driver has to do some
> sort of conversion of that kind.

I don't see anything wrong here, that's how it works for example
in Tizen or in Android for the boards I'm on: userspace sends a
stream of bits that are then submitted to the IR as they are.

If I change it to only pulse-space domain, then I wouldn't
provide support for those platforms. Eventually I can add a new