Re: [PATCH 4/6] irqchip: add irqchip driver for nuc900

From: Wan ZongShun
Date: Thu Jul 21 2016 - 22:37:45 EST

>> but I will remove the Macros related to nuc970 and avoid nuc970
>> interrupt using those Macro.
>> But I still need hack this irqs.h like below, since here NR_IRQS defined
>> and it is need for nuc970 irqchip driver.
>> #if !defined(CONFIG_SOC_NUC900)
>> #define NR_IRQS (IRQ_ADC+1)
>> #else
>> #define NR_IRQS 62
>> #endif
> Have you considered using CONFIG_SPARSE_IRQ? That would avoid the need
> for setting NR_IRQS entirely, but may also require more work elsewhere.

Sure, I will refer to your previous nuc900 series patches for SPARSE
IRQ, now I am waiting for rc1 release, and will send v3 patches.

> Arnd

Vincent Wan(Zongshun)