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From: Shougang Group Co., Ltd
Date: Thu Jul 28 2016 - 02:50:34 EST

Shougang Group Co., Ltd.
11th Floor, Huaxingge,
Donghua Building, Jiangmen,
GuangDong, China.


This is an official request for Professional/consultants who will stand as our regional representative to run logistics on behalf of Shougang Group.We are looking for a payment collection agent in USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Salary is 10% of every payment you receive from our customers. Get back to us for more details if interested.

Kindly send us the following informations for further proceedings

(1)Your Full names:
(2)Your Complete Address:
a. City:
b. State:
c. Zip code:
d. Country:
(3)Tele/cell numbers:

Mr Sun Xiao Lan
Shougang Group