[Regression?] fib_rules: Added NLM_F_EXCL support to fib_nl_newrule breaks Android userspace

From: John Stultz
Date: Fri Jul 29 2016 - 00:18:27 EST

After moving my HiKey tree to pre-v4.8-rc, I noticed when using
Android that I was getting routing errors after toggling networking on
and off (or entering suspend). Wifi associated, but I got some
rounting errors in the logcat the connection manager wouldn't detect a
valid network.

Not being able to figure out exactly what was going wrong from the
userspace side, I bisected (manually rebasing a 70 patch stack each
step :P) it down and it seems that the commit: 153380ec4b9b
("fib_rules: Added NLM_F_EXCL support to fib_nl_newrule") is causing
the problem.

Reverting that patch seems to make things work again.

I'm no networking guru, but I'm happy to help debug this further if
folks can walk me through it a bit.