Re: [PATCHv11 3/3] rdmacg: Added documentation for rdmacg

From: Rami Rosen
Date: Wed Aug 24 2016 - 18:56:57 EST


> +Whenever RDMA resource charing occurs, owner rdma cgroup is returned to
Should be: charging instead of charing

> +(b) Query resource limit:
> +cat /sys/fs/cgroup/rdma/2/rdma.max
> +#Output:
> +mlx4_0 uctx=max pd=max ah=2 mr=100 mw=max cq=max srq=max qp=10 flow=max
> +ocrdma1 uctx=1 pd=5 ah=1 mr=10 cq=10 srq=max qp=20 flow=max flow=max

Is this really so: double"flow=max" at the end of the ocrdma1 line?
(flow=max flow=max)

> +5-4. RDMA
> +
> +The "rdma" controller regulates the distribution and accounting of
> +of RDMA resources.
"of of" should be only a single "of"

> + mlx4_1 uctx=1 ah=0 pd=1 cq=4 qp=4 mr=100 srq=0 flow=10
> + ocrdma1 uctx=2 pd=2 ah=2 mr=20 mw=max cq=1 srq=1 qp=10 flow=10

Seems to be inconsistency here: in the first line you have qp=4
*before* srq=0, but in the second line you have qp=10 *after* srq=1.

Keep on the good work!

Rami Rosen