Re: [PATCH for-next 0/2] {IB,net}/hns: Add support of ACPI to the Hisilicon RoCE Driver

From: David Miller
Date: Thu Aug 25 2016 - 00:55:03 EST

From: Salil Mehta <salil.mehta@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 04:44:48 +0800

> This patch is meant to add support of ACPI to the Hisilicon RoCE driver.
> Following changes have been made in the driver(s):
> Patch 1/2: HNS Ethernet Driver: changes to support ACPI have been done in
> the RoCE reset function part of the HNS ethernet driver. Earlier it only
> supported DT/syscon.
> Patch 2/2. HNS RoCE driver: changes done in RoCE driver are meant to detect
> the type and then either use DT specific or ACPI spcific functions. Where
> ever possible, this patch tries to make use of "Unified Device Property
> Interface" APIs to support both DT and ACPI through single interface.
> NOTE 1: ACPI changes done in both of the drivers depend upon the ACPI Table
> (DSDT and IORT tables) changes part of UEFI/BIOS. These changes are NOT
> part of this patch-set.
> NOTE 2: Reset function in Patch 1/2 depends upon the reset function added in
> ACPI tables(basically DSDT table) part of the UEFI/BIOS. Again, this
> change is NOT reflected in this patch-set.

I can't apply this series to my tree because the hns infiniband driver
doesn't exist in it.