Re: [PATCHv5 0/6] x86: 32-bit compatible C/R on x86_64

From: Dmitry Safonov
Date: Wed Sep 14 2016 - 14:33:04 EST

On 09/05/2016 04:33 PM, Dmitry Safonov wrote:
Changes from v4:
- check both vm_ops and vm_private_data to avoid (unlikely) confusion
with some other vma in map_vdso_once (as Andy noticed) - which would
lead to unable to use this API in that unlikely-case
(vm_private_data may be uninitialized and be the same as vvar_mapping
or vdso_mapping pointer) - so I introduced one-liner helper

Changes from v3:
- proper ifdefs around vdso_image_32
- missed Reviewed-by tag

It looks like, all acks are there and there are no objections.