Re: virtio_blk: Clarification for communication difficulties?

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Mon Oct 03 2016 - 08:01:30 EST

>> I hope that our collaboration potential can be still constructive, can't it?
> I can understand why others are fed up with this discussion.

Thanks for another feedback.

> Your communication style is exhausting

How did you get this impression?

> and you've pushed into the territory where any benefits of taking

Would you dare to acknowledge benefits from my update suggestions
for any other software components?

> the patches are not worth the time and hassle of dealing with you.

How are the chances that such a conclusion will change?

> I left Reviewed-bys on two patches.

Thanks for your constructive responses.

> Maybe they will get picked up.

I am also curious on how the software evolution will be continued.

> But please think again about what Christian explained. Reviewers and
> maintainers spend time on your patches so make it worth their while.

I risk something just by proposing so many software updates for places
where change opportunities were found by special source code search patterns.