Re: taint/module: Clean up global and module taint flags handling

From: Jiri Kosina
Date: Fri Oct 07 2016 - 03:58:06 EST

On Fri, 23 Sep 2016, Jessica Yu wrote:

> Hm, quick question, which tree would this patch go to? Though the
> cleanup is for modules, there is an indirect cross-tree dependency
> (taint_flag.module needs to be true for TAINT_LIVEPATCH for Josh's
> patch to still work as intended). The least complicated thing to do
> would be to just take this through the livepatch tree (with Rusty's
> approval :-)), no?

I don't want to be sneaking this behind Rusty's back, but he hasn't
reposnded so far.

It's not vitally super-crucial to have this present in this very pull
request, so I am currently putting this on hold wrt. the upcoming merge
window pull request, and we'll then proceeed afterwards once Rusty
expressess his (n)ack. If this doesn't happen during the coming weeks,
I'll pick this up myself.


Jiri Kosina