Re: docs: Fixing "sphinxify coccinelle.txt"?

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Fri Oct 07 2016 - 08:23:44 EST

>> Information from a commit like "docs: sphinxify coccinelle.txt and add it
>> to dev-tools" caught also my software development attention.
>> Did an other information from a comment become outdated in the script "coccicheck"
>> because of such changes for the documentation format?
> How about submitting a patch to fix the problem?

Is the published commit (from 2016-08-08 / 2016-08-18) generally questionable
as I see it by the interface "cgit" at the moment?

* Does this one contain only the deletion of the file "Documentation/coccinelle.txt"?

* How should the result from the mentioned action "add it to dev-tools"
look like finally?

* How could the acknowledgements happen for a software transformation
which seems to be incomplete there?

I find another data display also interesting and more promising.

* Should this patch about the desired file format conversion become available
also by the other known interfaces?

* Would it have been nicer to include a corresponding update for the file
"scripts/coccicheck" there, too?

* Do we need to clarify the distribution of the correct version any further?